BDDC Materials Featured in Ford's Portfolio of Renewable Materials


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SAE International highlighted Ford's renewable materials portfolio which includes one of the materials developed at the BDDC.

"According to Mielewski, who specifically credited the work of Amar Mohanty at the University of Guelph, along with Varroc Lighting Systems and Ontario’s Competitive Green Technologies (CGT), the McDonald’s partnership allowed 40% of the talc in the previous material to be replaced with coffee chaff, while also knocking off a half pound of weight per vehicle. “We cannot take credit for everything, we implement,” Mielewski said. “He [Amar] did all the hard work with CGT, working toward making this high-quality bio carbon from McDonald's coffee chaff to meet every one of our requirements. It gives us better heat deflection, better life cycle and weight reduction.”"


Headlamp housing of a car