Prof. Mohanty Presents at the APM 2021 Conference


From March 9-13, 2021, Professor Amar Mohanty attended the 12th International Conference on Advancements in Polymeric Materials hosted by the Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology (CIPET).

Dr. Mohanty presented his research on March 12, 2021 titled, "Will Bioplastic Alleviate Single-Use Plastic Waste Concern? Challenges on the Journey for Sustainable Alternatives".

The 12th chapter of the series, APM 2021, brings together worldwide leading researchers, industrialists and educators from diverse fields for exchanging knowledge and research ideas through online mode. A multidisciplinary approach has been endorsed in this chapter with an aim of taking forward the current research initiatives to a different dimension leading to revolutionary advancement in the existing technology. 

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