Photo of Dr. Nur Fazreen
Dr. Nur Fazreen

Dr. Nur Fazreen received her PhD in Polymer Engineering, specializing in polymer composite from Universiti Sains Malaysia.  Her research interest evolves around biopolymers and biocomposites, which is driven by the utmost potential of polymeric materials without sacrificing the environment. Finding a well balanced between polymer applications and safe, cleaner end life is an interesting research scope for her. Leveraging her knowledge and expertise, she aims to contribute novel insights to the BDDC research in sustainable composites for electrical vehicles and other structural applications. 

Education Background

2017-2022 PhD in Polymer Engineering: Universiti Sains Malaysia

2015-2017 MSc in Materials Engineering: Universiti Sains Malaysia

2011-2015 B. Eng in Polymer Engineering:Universiti Sains Malaysia