Prof. Amar K. Mohanty

 Fellow RSC (Canada), Fellow AIChE, Fellow SPE, Fellow RSC   (UK), Fellow IIChE(India)

  Distinguished Research Excellence Chair in Sustainable Materials

  Director, Bioproducts Discovery & Development Centre (BDDC)

  Professor of Bioproducts, Department of Plant Agriculture

  Professor of Biological Engineering, School of Engineering

  Editor-in-Chief of Sustainable Composites
  @Composites Part C - Open Access (ELSEVIER)

  Google Scholar profile can be found here
   Citations (May 24, 2024): 58,104
   h-index (May 24, 2024): 111
   i10-index (May 24, 2024): 486 



Phone number: 519 824-4120 ext: 56664

Location: Bioproducts Development and Discovery Centre

Crop Science Building, Room 422 CRSC



B.Sc. Utkal University

M.Sc. Utkal University

Ph.D. Utkal University


Brief Bio:

Amar Mohanty is a Full Professor & Distinguished Research Excellence Chair in Sustainable Materials and the Director of the Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He is a former Michigan State University Professor. He currently holds a Adjunct Professor position at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, USA and a Visiting Professor status at the University of Portsmouth, UK.

Prof. Mohanty is an international leader in the field of sustainable materials, bioplastics, biocomposites and advanced biorefinery. His research focuses on engineering value-added uses of biomass wastes, waste plastics and industrial co-products from agro-food and biofuel industries. Circular bioeconomy, environmental sustainability, waste plastic valorization, biodegradable plastics as single-use plastic alternatives, biocarbon based composites and 3D printing of sustainable materials are other areas of his expertise.

Prof. Mohanty is the Editor-in-Chief of Sustainable Composites, Composites Part C -Open Access; an ELSEVIER journal.

He is a highly cited researcher with more than 850 publications to his credit, including 494 peer-reviewed journal papers, 70 patents (awarded/applied), 6 edited books, over 400 conference presentations, 25 book chapters. 

Prof. Mohanty is a Fellow of: (i) the Royal Society of Canada, (ii) the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, (iii) the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), (iv) the Society of Plastic Engineers.

Prof. Mohanty has received many awards, including the (i) Miroslaw RomanowskiMedal from the Royal Society of Canada (RSC), (ii) JL White Innovation Award from the international Polymer Processing Society (PPS), (iii) Synergy Award for Innovation from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), (iv) Andrew Chase Forest Products Division Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and (v) the Lifetime Achievement Award from the BioEnvironmental Polymer Society (BEPS), USA.

International Affiliations

  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, State University of New York, USA (2023 – 2026)
  • Visiting Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Portsmouth, UK (2023 – 2026)

External Links:

Amar Mohanty | College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Amar Mohanty | Plant Agriculture


Research Interests: 

  • Sustainable Materials
  • Bioeconomy and Circular Economy
  • Light-weight sustainable composites for Automotive Parts
  • Thermally Stable and Lightweight Electric Vehicle Parts with reduced to zero flammability
  • Pyrolysis of waste biomass, Non-recyclable Waste Plastics and Biocarbon based Composites
  • Biodegradable Plastics and Bioplastics
  • Ecofriendly Flame Retardants
  • Sustainable and Green Biodegradable Packaging
  • Single-use Plastic Alternatives


Funded Graduate Opportunities available in my research group – M.Sc & PhD in Plant Agriculture


For entry in the M.Sc. program, candidates must hold a Bachelor's degree Science. 


If your first language is not English, you will be required to submit the results of a standardized language test. Please see the chart for acceptable tests and required scores. 


For more information on how to apply*, please contact me by e-mail: sends e-mail) with a copy to sends e-mail)


Applications will be accepted on an on-going basis until the positions are filled.


A preliminary selection will be made based on the interviews to qualify the prospective candidate to apply for graduate studies at the University of Guelph. Selection does not guarantee acceptance for graduate studies. 


*Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


Click here for more details on these MSc opportunities with Dr. Mohanty.


Selected Publications: 

Jahangiri, F., Mohanty, A. K., & Misra, M. (2024). "Sustainable biodegradable coatings for food packaging: challenges and opportunities."Green Chem., Advance Article
Article Link:


Hassan, M., Mohanty, A.K., & Misra,M. (2024). "Additive manufacturing of a super toughened biodegradable polymer blend: Structure–Property-Processing correlation and 3D printed prosthetic part development." ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2024, 6, 7, 3849–3863
Article Link:


Weldekidan, H., Mohanty, A. K., Drzal, L. T., & Misra, M. (2024). "Graphene-containing biocarbon from burlap waste: property comparison with commercial grade graphene nanoplatelets." Carbon Trends, 15, 100336.
Article Link:


Mohanty, A. K., Vivekanandhan, S., Das, O., M, R. M. L., Klinghoffer, N. B., Nzihou, A., & Misra, M. (2024)."Biocarbon materials." Nat Rev Methods Primers 4, 19 
Article Link:


Pesaranhajiabbas E, Mohanty AK, Al-Abdul-Wahid MS, Misra M. "A new approach for grafting plasticized cellulose acetate biodegradable plastic with maleic anhydride: Processing and characterization." SPE Polym. 2024; 1-11.
Article Link:


Hassan, M., Mohanty, A. K., & Misra, M. (2023). "3D Printing in Upcycling Plastic and Biomass Waste to Sustainable Polymer Blends and Composites: A Review". Materials & Design, 237, 112558.
Article Link


Itabana, B.E., Pal, A.K., Mohanty, A.K., Misra, M. (2023). “Biodegradable blown film composite from poly (butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) and talc: Effect of uniaxial stretching on mechanical and barrier properties”. Food Packaging and Shelf Life, 39, 101147.
Article Link:


Mohanty, A.K., Vivekanandhan, S., Tripathi, N., Roy, P., Snowdon, M., Drzal, L.T., Misra, M. (2023). “Sustainable Composites for Lightweight and Flame Retardant Parts for Electric Vehicles to Boost Climate Benefits: A Perspective”. Composites Part C: Open Access, 12, 100380.
Article Link:


Roy, P., Mohanty, A.K., Dick, P., Misra, M. (2023). "A review on challenges and choices for food waste valorization: Environmental and economic impacts".ACS Environmental Au, 3, 58-75.
Article Link:


Mohanty, A.K., Wu, F., Mincheva, R., Hakkarainen, M., Raquez., JM., Mielewski, D.F., Narayan, R., Netravali, A.N., Misra, M. (2022). “Sustainable Polymers”.Nature Reviews Methods Primers, 2(1), 46.

Article Link:


Mohanty, A. K., Vivekanandhan, S., Pin, J. M., & Misra, M. (2018). Composites from renewable and sustainable resources: Challenges and innovations. Science362(6414), 536-542.

Article Link:


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Honours & Awards

Honours & Awards

2024 - Present Distinguished Research Excellence Chair in Sustainable Materials, University of Guelph and Competitive Green Technologies, Canada
2023 - Present Fellow, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE)
2022 2022 RSC Miroslaw Romanowski Award Lecture, Royal Society of Canada, Canada
2022 Prof. Dr. Gokulananda Mahapatra Oration Award 2022, Prof. Dr. Gokulananda Nityananda Mahapatra Foundation, India
2021 Miroslaw Romanowski Medal, Royal Society of Canada, Canada
2020 – Present Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, Canada
2020 – 2023 OAC Distinguished Research Chair in Sustainable Biomaterials, University of Guelph, Canada
2020 JL White Innovation Award, Polymer Processing Society, USA
2019 – Present Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry, UK
2019 – Present Fellow, Society of Plastics Engineers, USA
2019 Biju Patnaik Award for Scientific Excellence, Odisha Bigyan Academy, India
2019 OAC Alumni Distinguished Researcher Award, University of Guelph, Canada
2018 – Present Fellow, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, USA.
2018 NSERC Synergy Award for Innovation, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Canada
2017 – 2020 Research Leadership Chair Award, University of Guelph, Canada
2017 Highly Prolific Author, American Chemical Society (ACS) Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, USA
2017 Featured Canadian Author, Selected for ACS Publications Open Access Virtual Issue “Hot Materials in a Cool Country” - articles authored by Canadians to celebrate the 100th Canadian Chemistry Conference
2016 University of Guelph’s Innovation of the Year Award, Canada. For the creation of the 100% Compostable Bio-composite Resin; additional awards for this innovation visit:
2015 Lifetime Achievement Award, BioEnvironmental Polymer Society, USA
2012 “Gold Medal” and Certificate, International Conference on Composites Interfaces, (Interface21).
2011 Jim Hammar Memorial Service Award, BioEnvironmental Polymer Society, USA
2011 – 2015 5 Year Visiting Professorship, South China University, China
2008 – 2020 Premier’s Research Chair in Biomaterials & Transportation, University of Guelph, Canada (Endowed Research Chair awarded for 12 years)
2006 Andrew Chase Forest Products Division Award, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, USA
1999 Prof. R. C. Tripathy Memorial Award (Young Scientist Award), Orissa Chemical Society
1998 – 1999 Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Fellowship, AvH Foundation, Germany
1980 Gold medal, Utkal University, Orissa being 1st Class 1st in M.Sc (Chemistry)