Working with BDDC 

The BDDC – its people, equipment and expertise – are open to companies wishing to collaborate.

The BDDC is available to companies, entrepreneurs and research organizations as a partner and collaborator in biomaterials projects and products. The BDDC welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with industry in its efforts to commercialize new biomaterials, biochemicals and process technologies.

The BDDC is staffed by graduate and post-doctoral students working in the areas of polymer science, chemical engineering, applied microbiology and advanced material science. The centre is led by Dr. Amar Mohanty – Ontario Premier's Chair in Biomaterials and Transportation. This team of researchers and technicians make the BDDC a highly productive and effective partner for companies wishing to explore new bio-based plastics and green composites to collaborate and enhance their product portfolio.

The BDDC works within the definitions of the University of Guelph's policies on IP.  Additional resources are available from the University's Research Innovation Office. The BDDC invites companies to contact them with their project details and to further explore the opportunity to work and collaborate with university-based scientists and engineers.