Photo of Dr. Hamdy Khalil
Dr. Hamdy Khalil

Dr. Hamdy Khalil holds a BSc with majors in chemistry and physics from the University of Alexandria in Egypt, an MSc in Nutritional Biochemistry from Cairo University in Egypt and a PhD from Windsor University.

Dr. Khalil is the Senior Global Director for Advanced Technologies Research and Product Development and Innovation for the Woodbridge Foam Corporation at The Woodbridge Group. Dr. Khalil pioneered the introduction and commercialization of renewable materials into the polyurethane chemistry used in the interior automotive parts manufacturing which is now the benchmark for the industry. Prior to his present position at Woodbridge Foam Corporation - a major manufacturer of flexible moulded polyurethane foam for the global automotive industry- Dr. Khalil held positions at Labatt's in the pharmaceutical Division, for PolySar Corporation as analytical laboratory supervisor and as Senior Technical Manager for BFGoodrich.

Dr. Khalil sits on the scientific advisory committee of ArboraNano and on the NRC steering committee for Bio-products development. He is the Vice Chair of the Ontario Bioautocouncil Board of Directors and Chair of the investment committee for CRIB Board of Directors. Dr. Khalil is one of the pioneers for the development of Phase Transfer Catalysis (PTC). He participated and Chaired many Biotechnology International Conferences. He holds patent in the areas of Polyurethane structural sealants, Latex, Styrenics and Bio Polyols. His first passion is the mentoring and development of young scientists and technical personnel.