PolyScience 2021 Global Summit on Polymer Science and Composite Materials


The Scientist is organizing "Global Summit on Polymer Science and Composite Materials (PolyScience2021)" which is scheduled to be held during October 18-20, 2021 in Valencia, Spain. The conference offers a thoroughly updated coverage of the latest polymer applications and principles in polymer processing.

The conference invites all experts and scientists in related disciplines across the globe to come together on a global platform to share and discuss their research findings and discover new opportunities to network and grow together. This event provides unprecedented opportunities for polymer scientists, polymer chemists, heads of departments and students in interdisciplinary fields to share their research findings with peers and to discuss and debate on latest technologies and advances in polymer science.

The conference highlights both industrial and academic developments in polymer science and technology for better human health. With a broad diversion of sessions including panel discussions from highly cited researchers, plenary talks, keynote presentations, workshops, exhibitions and video, and poster presentations, this event is a perfect venue not to share your expertise but also to expand the scope of your knowledge.

For more information on this conference, visit their website